Monday, January 25, 2010

Kobold Perfidy

In the south end of the Wildwoods, where the thick oak woods turn into steamy marsh, the usual run of goblins, ogres, and bandits give way to a particularly feral breed of kobold. It's easy to underestimate these blighters because of their size, but don't be tempted. They have a fierce cunning and attack without fear when they have the advantage numbers. You will find their lairs on rocky islands in the swampiest areas. Their dwellings are surprisingly sophisticated and built to a human scale. No doubt they were once the homes of some other people, but their names are lost to history.

This was an experimental dungeon to see if I could get the "old school blue" look using blue pens. I kind of like the effect, but not as much as my black-and-white dungeons.

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