Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dungeon Dressing: Scriptorum

A scriptorium is nothing more than a room where acolytes or other trained scribes are employed to copy books or scrolls. Within these limitations, a broad range of arrangements are possible. Scriptoriums of the religious, arcane, or commercial sorts are possible. Arcane scriptoriums in particular may require special magical security measures if the material itself is at all magical. Even a small typographical error can cause catastrophic results. Those employed in these places are often lesser underlings who spend long hours at tedious work. As a result, there always the temptation to tuck away a particularly choice bit of script for personal use or enjoyment. Such a hidden stash might include valuable arcane lore, magic spells, or religious secrets. Petty gossip or pornographic poetry is just as likely to be the subject matter, though occasionally these can be valuable pieces in their own rite.



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