Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Number of Dungeons

I took a little inventory today. I currently have 23 dungeons scanned, but not posted, 8 dungeons drawn but not scanned, and 36 blank dungen-sized peices of paper. That means there are 67 dungeons yet to come. That seems like more than enough microdungeons, don't you think? In fact, I'm starting to wonder if I have 36 more ideas!

If I keep to my current rate, I'll publish my last dungeon somewhere around September 20th. That's a lot of dungeons! Right now, I'm not planning to end this blog. This is turning out to be a good year of art for me, so I think I'll probably just keep posting gaming stuff and artwork here at a reduced rate once the dungeons are done.

Nevertheless, it's good to have a deadline.



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