Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Four Cursed Items

Dullard’s Blade

The Dullard’s Blade is named for King Wenclas the Dull, famous for his cowardice. The Dullard’s Blade provides +1 to damage, however on a natural 1, the weilder must save versus spells or attempt to flee from combat if possible. If the wielder is already surrounded and unable to flee, they will drop their blade and put their hands in the air.

Holey Shield

They say these shields were forged by the Eyrines before the dawn of civilization. Each bears a different sigil, some of which may be known to the very knowledgeable. The shield provides +1 armor protection over and above the normal shield bonus; however, whenever an opponent rolls a 20 in combat, they will strike through the invisible magical flaw in the shield, doing double damage. These shields have an unlucky aura to them.

Icarus Draught

This potion is indistinguishable from a potion of heroism except through powerful divination, and has all the effects of that potion. However, it's imbiber also becomes subject to bezerk rage and must save vs. petrification to do anything other than attack the nearest target until the potion's effects wear off. If there are no targets visible, the drinker will immediately fall into an exhausted sleep for 1 hour.

Potion of Trust

Not strictly cursed, this potion is prepared in using hair and skin from a particular individual. When given as a gift by that individual and drunk immediately, it prevents the drinker from acting directly against the giver or lying to the giver. Doing so causes intense abdominal pain and requires the drinker to save versus poison, or collapse in helpless pain for 1d10 minutes.



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