Sunday, February 12, 2012

Details of the Mission

The neighborhood is 1d6 square blocks in size and...
1. Dense residential
2. Medium residential
3. Wealthy residential
4. Commercial
5. Downtown financial district
9. Special (stadium, theme park, missile silo, etc.)
10. Roll twice, and combine, or it's between the two

Your mission is...
1. Scavenge for goods
2. Find a safe camp or defensible area
3. Trade goods for goods
4. Just get through safely
5. Retrieve a specific large, dangerous, or resistant item or person
6. Get a message to someone and bring back their answer
7. Eliminate a threat
8. Sabotage or theft
9. Prepare a detailed scouting report
10. None of these, you're already lost or fleeing

Cal Anderson Park, West

Known threat in this area is...
1. Gangs and mobs
2. One particularly dangerous badass
3. Territory is claimed by rivals or enemies
4. Natural hazards and dangerous terrain
5. Wild animals
6. Someone is actively trying to stymie the mission
7. Traps or ambush
8. Unfriendly locals

The area can be described as...
1. Largely untouched with good scavenging
2. A scene of massive destruction
3. Scarred by fire or other disaster
4. Heavily damaged by battle or mass violence
5. Containing an organized community
6. Overgrown and near collapse
7. Eerily well preserved
8. Divided between two armed camps
9. A known local source of particularly useful scrounge
10. A generally agreed-upon neutral area for trade or parlay

Local color
1. Strangely silent with oppressive, heavy air
2. Misty and dark with little visibility
3. Grisly trophies affixed to posts and walls
4. Locals who offer abundant apparent hospitality
5. Heavily overgrown with dense, unnatural plant life
6. A once-was landmark now festooned with weird offerings
7. A madman, lost in delusions, spouting weird half-truths
8. A place of worship
9. A scene of rare beauty
10. A tableau of destruction, a grim reminder of hopes dashed
Art by Tim Wistrom

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