Monday, June 4, 2012


As a dungeon master, I kind of lose my shit a bit when I have a quiet player. I want to make sure they’re having fun. I do this by interjecting more and more of myself into their play when what I really need to do is be patient and ask questions.

Karen (playing Leman DeSall, the eminently creepy death cleric) is sometimes a quiet player. This is not because she’s not having fun, although my paranoid brain sometimes tries to convince me that’s what’s going on.

So this session I remembered to ask questions. I did this immediately after Leman triggered a carousing mishap back at the tavern. The result is “Romantic entanglement. Roll Wisdom check to avoid nuptials. Otherwise 1-3 scorned lover, 4-6 angered parents.” So I ask Karen what kind of person Leman would be most likely to be romantically interested in. She thinks for a minute and says “someone kind of dead.”

So bang, next morning Leman Desall has entered into impetuous matrimony with one of the sentient ghouls on level three of the dungeon.

This actually solves some problems, since every time the party has put their nose onto level three they’ve fled in horror and fear, leaving a big unexplored area in the middle of the dungeon.

So next day finds the party setting off with a good guide to the main area of level three which they need to traverse to get to their destination on level four.

The party now includes: Karl von Ravenswood, fighter; Leman DeSall, cleric; Ebag the thief; and Magnus the magician.

They are joined by a small army of NPCs: Toe Snap the goblin guide, Rumsfeld the man at arms (who has somehow survived the entire dungeon thus far), a wizard named Ramseses that was hired by Ebag, Magnus’ new bodyguard Hawk (an impressive barbarian warrior), three Antlions that Leman managed to convert to her religion of death and suffering, and Dragna, Leman’s new amorous ghoul bride.

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The internal link needs fixing, though. I want my load of carousing mishaps as well.

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