Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Dungeons of January

It's time to put up some of the originals for sale! These things are just cluttering up my desk and I need to stop moddlycoddling them and let them go out into the world -- to good homes only!

Some of these dungeons have minor scuffs, dents, or discolorations. This is because of the process by which they are created. These dungeons travel with me. I work on them in coffee shops, on the bus, and in the diner while I'm waiting for lunch.

Each dungeon original is $25.00, plus $3.00 shipping.

The first batch will be January dungeons only, with more to follow soon: Microdungeons.com Store. Most of the dungeons I posted January were given away at Gen Con or to friends, which is why there's only a few dungeons there to start with.

If you order multiple dungeons, I will refund the shipping charges for all but the first dungeon.

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