Monday, August 9, 2010

Ball of Confusion

When you start an adventure in the Ball of Confusion, do so without any preamble. Describe the scene, something like this: "You are in a winding, stone corridor about 8' in diameter. It's undulating curve has an organic look about it. The corridor extends to the reach of your light North and South."

The players may ask as many questions as they want about how they came to be here, and what it all means, but they will only get one answer per area of the dungeon explored. Take careful note of the questions they ask. You may answer questions as you like. They may suddenly remember how they go here, or their god may provide insight, or maybe they find a clue. Make up the answers as you go.

I've never tried running a dungeon this way. It might be a recipe for a great adventure or a terrible one!

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