Friday, August 20, 2010

Stafford: a Town in Need of Heroes

When you're in Stafford, and you let it be known that you're looking for something valuable, magical, or unique, roll 1d8

1. The witch has it. You'd better have something equally valuable to offer in return.
2. You see that glint of light off the top of Orlock at dawn? That's where it is.
3. You hear lots of rumors about it, but they're contradictory and obscure.
4. The herd people can provide that, but you'll have to undertake the shaman's challenge to get it.
4. It's right here in town, hanging on the wall in the Mad Baron's tower. The Baron hasn't been seen in public for years, by the way, and some think he's a devil in disguise.
5. The goblins in the vents, they know!
6. Vance had it, but he went hunting up near the slime woods, and hasn't been seen in days. A local Ranger is willing to lead you to the spot, though.
7. That ghost that hantus the owlpines when the moon is new, she often whispers about that. No one's stupid enough to stick around to hear the details thought.
8. That? Oh you can't get that here. Try the next town up the road.

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