Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gorefrog Lake

When the PCs pass through the Lake District a second or subsequent time, roll 1d6:

1. The back wall of the monastery of Saint Insouciance has fallen into the expanding lake. The sisters don't seem to be too worried about it.

2. A group of suspicious figures, including an NPC known to the party is loitering around the statue, muttering to themselves. The NPC pretends not to know the PCS no matter how much they insist.

3. Girgal's house in on fire. Girgal is desperately shouting for help rescuing his golem from the blaze.

4. It's "plague of frogs" season. Everybody is indoors, windows barred, doors locked.

5. Lighthearted music wafts from the monastery. Most of the residents have been invited to a party in the cloister. The PCs are not invited.

6. The Beast of the Lake is hunting and picks a PC as its next victim.


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