Saturday, April 16, 2011

Arena of Deth

I spent today giving How to Host a Dungeon a careful edit for the third printing. Going through the game reminded me again how much I like it, so I pulled out my supplies for a game tonight.

A superintelligent Ettin with delusions of grandeur and funded by a stolen dragon hoard expanded the ancient ruins of a Dark Elf arena into a massive lair, laying waste the surface kingdoms and forcing its people to fight for his amusement. There are some other great features too, including an entire kingdom within the hollow Earth whose people have never made contact with the surface. Possibly only the ancient clan of crabmen know of the existence of both worlds.

Here are a couple more pictures:

Deep in the Age of Monsters, a powerful party of adventurers lay waste to the dungeons, removing much of its treasure. Most of them succumb to wandering monster attacks before the surviving thief flees with their accumulated trove (8 loot!).

The Dawn of the Ettin's age of villainy. Things aren't as great for him as they seem. Unless those Crabmen succumb to a lucky adventurer attack, he's going to have tough competition for treasure.

The new printing of How to Host a Dungeon should be ready pretty soon. I'll also be offering a print bundle along with The Purple Worm Graveyard. The new edition contains mostly minor alterations, though I have streamlined the Dark Elves quite a bit.

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Blogger Munin said...

Looking forward to the third edition! If you are out this way in NM I still owe you some fossil hunting grounds!

April 23, 2011 at 9:08 PM


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