Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quest Track: Annihilate the Ambergris

I always find the quest tracks in MMOs really weird and a bit offputting. Why do monsters come in night graduated flavors? Why do the townspeople always want them slaughtered for weird body parts? I just can't get behind that.

"Hey Kid, you wanna earn some coin? Some strange creatures are scaring miners up by Blogsnot Reach. So why don't you go up there and bring me back five Advisor Ambergris ears and I'll give you these Tattered Boots."

"But I'm a Beach Elf. I can only wear sandals."

"You want a job or not!? Now go up there and kill some Ambergris!"

"Fine, fine."

(this is an Advisor Ambergris:)

"Good job kid, but now I'm making Ambergris soup. I need eight Elder Ambergris eyes to finish the job."

"Ambergris eyes? Are you serious?"

"You going to do it or not?"

"Alright, I'll go get your damn eyes."

"Nice job kid, but now the boss Ambergris is mad. You gotta climb up to Smatterlock Peak and kill the Cosmis Ambergris."

"What the hell is up with you man? What have you got against the Ambergris anyway?"

"I just don't like them is all."
Moves for Ambergisi:
- Summon further Ambergisi
- Taunt you with the secrets they keep
- Carry messages up (or down) the cosmic hierachy

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