Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Spew out Something Previously Absorbed

The Gods of Cubes are a thorny matter, theologically speaking. Does "cube", as some philosophers would have, partake of the divine in the very abstract perfection of its cube-ness? Or are cubes so by emanation from some immortal and godlike uber-cube itself? Of is cube-ness a mere accident of shape as the Dishevelists maintain? Some gods, notably the forbidden Drolb, are demonstrably cubical, but does that make them Cube Gods?

The God Cube

HP 20, Armor (special), Attack: 1d4+4 area, messy The God Cube takes only 1 HP of damage from any attack, no matter how powerful. Moves:
- Irradiate an area
- Absorb something, temporarily taking on its powers and attributes
- Spew out something previously absorbed

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