Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dungeon Weird: Randomosity

A couple of nights ago I was feeling kind of down and exhausted after a busy, difficult couple of weeks of life and work, and feeling creatively drained. So I did that thing you do when you're down, I made some random tables.

The purpose of the Dungeon Weird: Randomosity Table is to generate cool, weird bits for your campaign.

To use the table, roll 1d20 on each column. Take two of the three words generated, mash them together, and create something weird.  


1. Honey
2. Top Hat *
3. Giggling
4. Pearl
5. Moon
6. Heart
7. Surgeon
8. Starlight
9. Glances
10. Operatic
11. Snow
12. Sponge
13. Roses
14. Perfume
15. Unicorn
16. Sparrow
17. Poet
18. Silk
19. Pilot
20. Jack-in-the-box

1. Stalactite
2. Fangs
3. Mandrake
4. Mushroom
5. Bandaged
6. Root
7. Tattoo
8. Dripping
9. Stockings
10. Chitinous
11. Frozen in amber
12. Fingernails
13. Petrified
14. Hair
15. Eagle
16. Rhinoceros horn
17. Sewer Engineer
18. Fisherman
19. Operating theatre
20. Naga

1. Leech
2. Brain
3. Rotting
4. Rust
5. Eyeball
6. Spider
7. Wound
8. Oozing
9. A black cat
10. Odd-shaped shadows
11. Vampire
12. Lice
13. Tears
14. Murder
15. Walled-up
16. Zombie
17. Millipede
18. Chimney Sweep
19. Pickpocket
20. Troll

Here's what I cam up with in a few rolls:

Surgeon - Fisherman - Zombie
A guild of bizarre fisherman/surgeons working by the magical principle of sympathy. They immerse you in a pool of tears, then hunt down your dreams and fears when they manifest in an underground lake of similar composition. They also look creepily like golems.

walled-up - Dripping - Surgeon
When a fisherman surgeon is kidnapped by a crime lord to perform an illegal operation, the walls of the lords dungeons being to weep tears and blood due to the magical radiation the surgeon has absorbed in plying his trade.

Silk - Lice - Operating Theatre
The fisherman surgeons primary competition is from the Guild of Seams, who create stunning tapestries by using highly trained silk-producing insects. The same insects can be directed into wounds to stitch up internal ruptures.

* I've been playing a bit of Echo Bazaar lately. Can you tell?

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Blogger squidman said...

This is very inspiring! Random tables FTW!

April 21, 2010 at 1:07 PM


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