Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Salutet and Environs

In the Beetle Sands, the sands give way to gravel, then to rocks, then fist-sized polished stones. Then, all at once, all the stones are beetles. And they're hungry. That's how it goes in the Beetle Sands.

In the sinkholes, you can find all sorts of things: sulpherous pools useful in summoning spells, nesting swarms of firesnakes, hidden bandit loot, and the bodies of adventurers who came here, just like you, looking for something valuable.

Lookout rock isn't a place you go to look out for things. It's a place where somethings on the lookout for you.

Salutet's a pretty nice town though; friendly people, good food, pleasant markets. You should go there.


Blogger Chris Bennett said...

Looking at this one, I realized that your wilderness microdungeons reminded me of the old Judges Guild 'Wilderlands of High Fantasy'. It had a hex map of wilderness areas, and the maps combined to become a big-ass world map. But what was cool were the hex keys that corresponded to very simple descriptions in the book. Like your microdungeons, they left a lot to the DMs imagination. "What was that enclave of dangerous Monkeys doing on that island right off the coast? And what was that obelisk they were guarding?"

September 29, 2010 at 10:03 AM


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