Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Four Potions

  1. Gorilla Glue: This magical substance, applied to any surface other than glass immediately becomes a powerful adhesive that cannot be dissolved or removed by any means short of destroying or damaging the things it’s stuck to. Amusing mishaps associated with attempts to identify this substance are the mainstay of fireside stories at many adventuring taverns.

  2. Potion of Healing: The preparation of these potions requires significant care and attention and a sacrifice of the maker’s blood, hair, or skin. This potion cures 1d8 points of damage and will also heal non-magical diseases. Anyone who accepts a potion of healing as a gift may not harm or act directly against the maker(after drinking it) without first saving against spells, which is why these potions are sometimes offered freely by temples or alchemists to select "friends".

  3. Theseus Draught: Found under as many names as there are heroes, this draught imbues the drinker with great courage and aggression, making them immune to effects of fear, charming, and immobilization for as long as they continue to fight enemies or until they rest; however. Afterwards the user must rest for an hour before they can undertake any strenuous activity.

  4. White Lightning: This powerful draught blesses the drinker with a sudden burst of terrific speed, as if effected simultaneously by jump and expeditious retrest. The ability to dodge arrows or run across a pond without sinking have been reported. The drink also causes severe hangovers in all but Halflings.



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